Law & Order

Prestigious Government Organization that servers a bunch of services to the Public in Security and Law & Order in UAE


United Arab Emirates



To have a robust and resilient IT Enabled infrastructure to provide best class security and protection to the public



Build a new DR Setup from Scratch to accommodate all critical application that needs resilience.
Use native tools for critical applications and DBs and use this redundant setup for Production enhancement and migrations.



  • A complete resilience for majority of critical applications to ensurContinuous replication of Data which ensures Data protection, offsite. Disasters can be mitigated
  • e business continuity
  • Increased agility and faster turn-around times
  • for any planned /scheduled maintenance activities
  • Highly secure IT environment with state-of-the-art Cyber Security policies
  • Triggered to enhance reliability and continuity of business to invest more time on future transformation drive
  • Triggered a bunch of re-factoring and re-architecting of applications and Automation is in place for failover.