CNS has advised, designed, provisioned, and deployed ICT Solutions in multiple industries, where value was directly extracted from the solution to enable that specific industry to meet its objectives and accelerate its business outcomes.


The majority of  customers would consider switching banks if their bank suffered a cyber-attack, while the remaining would "lose complete trust." CNS has provided transactional and security Services Solutions for multiple banks in the Middle East Region. As an expert in Banking and Finance IT services, we have enabled the latest technological innovations to be provisioned to transform the industry, from re-inventing the way customers interact with self-service and automated banking to helping establish the most secure banking systems on the market today. 


Citizens & Residents’ data held by government departments is incredibly sensitive , and the malicious interference of this data, therefore, poses a significant threat to the Government’s current and future plans. CNS has assisted several governmental departments by  not only improving efficacies of service and solutions but maximized security too.

Oil & Gas

The IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and data-driven automation and analytics promise increased production and faster time-to-market, but as with all new technology, it exposes your business to potential new risks as well. As long-term partners to major players in the Oil & Gas industries, we’re perfectly positioned with the experience to foresee and adapt to these risks.  


The Defence & Security sector presents advanced challenges in digital information management. Heightened security, organizational protocols, and access control can all be achieved with the right digital structures in place. CNS’ accumulated experience and technical knowledge will be well-utilized with appropriate solutions that promise the highest performance  and efficiencies to reinforce our UAE Defence and Security organizations.  


AI and the IoT are now being used to  speed up diagnoses and patient care. However, the sensitivity of the data involved and greater connectivity increases the risk. CNS is always at the forefront of data capture and care solutions  with the expertise to innovate the industry with both turnkey partner technology and the made-to-order proprietary applications we create.

Energy & Utilities

CNS’ intelligence solutions for the Energy and Utility industry offer robust platforms to connect data, systems, processes, and people while delivering predictive analytics, AI, and data visualizations for all aspects of asset management to help you reduce costs and downtime, increase output, and improve customer retention.