In today’s fiercely competitive market, companies can’t afford to dilute resources and expenses on non-core business, and yet the IT infrastructure of an enterprise is of paramount importance for its smooth running. More companies are therefore opting to outsource their digital requirements and enjoy scalable, affordable service with a specialist partner they can trust.
CNS’s two Network Operations Centers (Dubai/Abu Dhabi) monitor all networks and operations, and offer dedicated customer service and support for end-customers and users, with direct access to technical field engineers trained to troubleshoot any issues in real-time, reducing downtime to keep your business operations running smoothly. Operators provide regular updates and releases as and when needed taking feedback from clients to enhance our platforms’ efficacy.
The cloud has a lot to offer, but like with all new ground, one should tread carefully. At CNS, we prove that venturing into the cloud with a partner who has the right expertise is an opportunity to streamline business and optimize costs while remaining agile. Cloud Computing solutions are tailored to suit a company’s business transformation goals. Our partnership with leading tech-vendors allows us to drive the operational efficiencies of the cloud at lower costs.

We allow customers to realize the benefits of ICT scalability, agility, availability, and, crucially - security.
The core focus of many organizations is to have end-to-end service delivery, and the Service Desk solutions and operations contribute to a seamless Single Point of Contact for all ICT related incidents. CNS has invested in developing a Service Management hub for our clients’ ICT incidents, problems, changes, and requests.

The CNS Service Desk is more than a traditional help/call desk; it allows customers a single view of all incidents and proactively manages the ICT environment, which acts as a Service Management Hub for our customers. CNS can offer Service Desk solutions from small to large complex environments and provide the necessary ITIL disciplines associated with the services.
We monitor and manage your storage and backup, server platforms, databases, middleware and networks, and monitor performance to make sure you always have the capacity needed for maximum availability of your network at all times. Our modular service can be adapted to suit your needs and budget.
Making the workplace an environment that bridges the gap between employee’s digital behaviors and workplace behaviors is a challenge that must be met. Easy and safe remote access to work information has been proven to increase productivity because you never know when inspiration might strike. Employees are also more likely to put in extra hours with access to the outside world while at work, but this give-and-take needs to be monitored.
Optimize your web and application hosting performance with 100% uptime-reliable network services that not only offer great value, but 24/7 direct access to support.
CNS Managed Security Services provides your business with remote monitoring and management of your mission-critical network infrastructures like firewalls, switches, routers, and wireless access points. We can proactively manage your existing infrastructures or recommend a best-in-class solution that meets your organization’s needs. Our team can continuously monitor and manage your environment, alerting you to threats, and taking immediate action where necessary. We can also help you understand how the breaches occurred.
CNS provides a selection of cross-functional services that take on the full scale of an organization's digital communications infrastructure requirements. We deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions that support your organization's strategy by applying industry best practices and methods proven by our customers’ successes.
Achieving long-term cost savings, improved ICT performance, and increased flexibility, while reducing risk is the ultimate goal of a data center.

The CNS Data Centre solutions will allow your organization to optimize its data center environment, meeting current and future business requirements. CNS has designed, provisioned, and deployed major data center solutions and integrated systems to provide an optimal level of performance.

The core strength of CNS is encapsulated in our vast experience in data center technology solutions for organizations in different industries. Solutions range from Compute, Storage, Network, Back Up, Archiving, Virtualization, Automation, and Security.
Business applications must deliver increased performance at a controllable cost, including faster time to provision new and enhanced services to your workforce and clients, to improve your productivity, and to grow your business. To support business requirements such as these, CNS delivers applications and systems integration services in combination with our trusted technology alliances and partners.