Improving technologies and logistics are reducing barriers for entry into many consumer markets. Add to that a general consumer apathy where successful companies are no longer the brands that offer the best products or services, but those that make access to their products and services easiest, and the market in 2020 is more competitive than ever.

Therefore, companies are challenged to guarantee outstanding customer service that delivers business information faster, easier, where and when consumers want it, and without increasing costs. The successful communication model would require total availability with complete access to information across every channel all the time.

Messaging communication business solutions have become mandatory to enhance this customer experience. CNS Middle East, in partnership with German software house novomind, has been guiding clients through this new territory with great success using products that are shaping the market landscape with AI Messaging Communication.

Imagine a system that manages all your customer queries, politely and efficiently answering questions and filtering more complex problems to service departments, all the while learning from each positive or negative result to increase its ability to reduce customer contact time and increase satisfactory resolutions. Chatbots perform these functions autonomously; they are practically unidentifiable from real people when appropriately integrated, and consumers seem to prefer the process for its relative anonymity. For one, AI eliminates language barriers—a benefit in regions with diverse population demographics. Companies can switch from an expensive contingent of live agents with a finite capacity for incoming cases to a skeleton crew of experts to step in when needed, while Chatbots respond to a virtually limitless number of incoming queries across all major digital communication channels, from Whatsapp messaging to VoIP platforms.

By a wide margin, the most popular instant messaging app is WhatsApp, used by approximately 1.8 billion people worldwide and counting. 79% of the UAE’s smart-phone using population—ex-pat and local—are Whatsapp subscribers. novomind’s ‘iAGENT’ digital customer service platform enables businesses to tap into Whatsapp’s incredible communication capabilities by managing it and all other digital customer interactions across the full spectrum of available social and business media in one place.

Together with novomind we delivered a very successful digital communications and AI chatbot projects within government entities in UAE which been received with high appreciation.

“We in Al Ain Municipality have developed a great partnership with novomind, who showed great dedication to improving our customer service experience with simple but effective solutions, which our customers received with great pleasure. We appreciate their professionalism and creative approach to introducing distinctive customer-centric channels”. Dr. Asma Obaid Al Falasi, Chief of Artificial Intelligence Lab

CNS Middle East supports its clients’ mission-critical business objectives with novomind’s iAGENT solutions which cover wide range of digital communication touch points including mail, Social media, chatbots in several channels including WhatsApp, web, mobile App, FB messenger, telegram also text and video chat. A strong partnership with novomind is a testament to their expertise in integrating the best solution for their clients.

“We’ve established our strong position in the market by carefully enlisting the most advanced partner technologies. So, it is our duty to ensure that our partner’s products are used most effectively and that the result of every use-case proves our commitment to excellence”, said Hatem Hariri, CNS Middle East Managing Director.

“CNS is one of the largest System integrators in Middle east who always want to introduce the latest technology and innovations to their clients, we are at novomind MEA happy to have CNS Middle East as one of our first partners in the MEA regions, who always keen to work closely with novomind MEA team to deliver the best top notch solution satisfy and exceed customer expectations”, said Hossam Amer, novomind MEA Managing Director.